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"Tiqqunei Ha-Zohar is the most important and influential kabbalistic book ever printed. David Solomon's annotated translation is a monumental achievement. These volumes are a necessary part of every Judaica collection, affording access to a broad readership as they advance the serious study of this kabbalistic classic."

Professor Daniel Abrams, Bar-Ilan University, and Editor, Kabbalah

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The Tiqqunei ha-Zohar Margalya annotated bilingual translation is a work of extraordinary scholarship and ambition with extensive production requirements. Bringing a text of this scope to publication requires significant resources.  

Margalya Press' production schedule is moving solidly toward publication in the coming months. The complex preparation and formatting process necessary for typesetting both David's finalised English translation and the rendered Aramaic has been achieved for all volumes; all illustrations have been created; and the six volumes of translation have been typeset.

Additional funds are required to complete the design and typesetting of the remaining endnotes volume; to proof the publication; and for printing and shipping.


Tikunei Zohar English David Solomon translation


Margalya Press is seeking individuals to help support the completion of this remarkable publication through contributions of A$5,000, A$10,000, or A$20,000.

In return for these pledges, contributor names will be listed in a section at the front of each volume of translation, together with an opportunity to include a short dedication. Contributions of lesser amounts will be gratefully received but will not have the same dedication opportunities.

If you would like to know more about being a supporters of this incredible publication, please email Marjorie Solomon at msolomon@margalya.com

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