Margalya Press is a boutique publisher of Jewish texts based in Melbourne, Australia. Led by husband-and-wife collaborators David and Marjorie Solomon, the company has built a team of experienced professionals from around the world.

Tiqqunei ha-Zohar Margalya is its first major publication. More innovative and exciting publications will follow.


Marjorie Solomon

Publishing Director

Marjorie Solomon Margalya PressManaging the production and promotion of Margalya’s forthcoming catalogue of books, Marjorie brings a wealth of experience as a writer, communications professional, and multi-media producer to her role as Publishing Director. She has a Masters in Creative Writing, a Graduate Diploma in Journalism, and a Bachelor of Arts.


David Solomon

Managing Editor

David Solomon Margalya Press

David is an internationally sought-after educator with decades of experience teaching Jewish History, Tanach, Jewish Philosophy, and Kabbalah. He is a respected scholar with a doctorate in sacred text translation, and an experienced translator of Jewish mystical texts. David is the editor and translator of several important publications, including Isaiah Tishby's The Doctrine of Evil and the 'Shell' in Lurianic Kabbalah (Cherub Press) as well as seminal scholarly studies in kabbalistic thought. More information about David's teaching and podcast is available here.