Tiqqunei ha-Zohar Margalya on Sefaria

Tiqqunei ha-Zohar Margalya on Sefaria

Margalya Press is excited to announce that two volumes of the Tiqqunei ha-Zohar Margalya annotated English translation have been released on Sefaria, making this groundbreaking work available to a global audience. Further volumes will be released over the next few months in the lead-up to the publication of the physical edition. 

Tiqqunei ha-Zohar (TZ), sometimes called Tikkunei Zohar, is one the most important books of Kabbalah ever produced. It has profoundly influenced Jewish ideas and practice for the past 700 years. Unlike its sister text, the Zohar, which has multiple English editions, TZ has never been fully translated into English or any Western language - until now.

The Tiqqunei ha-Zohar Margalya (TZM)annotated bilingual English translation will fundamentally change the landscape of kabbalistic study for the English-speaking world and beyond. An ambitious work of scholarship, TZM will be an important addition to any serious home or institutional Judaica library. 

Translated by David Solomon, this ground-breaking bilingual publication will be available late in 2024. Solomon, a highly experienced translator of Hebrew and Aramaic texts and Managing Editor at Margalya Press, has dedicated more than a decade to the creation of this extraordinary work of scholarship. His translation is a remarkable example of clarity and beauty, while also preserving the poetry of the original text.

TZM includes six volumes of bilingual translation and a single volume of the translator’s annotations, notes, and commentaries. 

Tiqqunei ha-Zohar Margalya will appear as a limited print edition. To ensure you secure your set, please register here to stay at the front of the queue.


The forthcoming Tiqqunei ha-Zohar Margalya publication will appear as a bilingual, seven-volume set, with each volume approximately 400 pages in length. It will include:

  • The full text of the definitive 1740 Constantinople (Qushta) edition of TZ, presented in poetic form, and retaining its mystical 'star paths'
  • All Biblical, Talmudic and Midrashic sources, referenced on the pages of the translation
  • Transliterations of keywords, where necessary for understanding 
  • Gematrias (numeric values) of keywords, where they are useful for understanding sense
  • A translator’s annotation with insights into the ideas, themes, and symbols of the text, challenges in translation, and comparisons of different TZ editions
  • An index of all Scriptural, Talmudic, and Midrashic sources quoted in TZ
  • Structural and thematic summaries for each of the tiqqunim (chapters).

David Solomon has created an English translation of clarity and beauty which also preserves the poetry and cadence of the original Aramaic text. 

TZM is presented in an eminently accessible format. Traditionally, Zoharic literature has appeared as blocks of dense text. However, in TZM, the Aramaic has been innovatively rendered into an easily readable line-by-line format. The English translation precisely reflects - in structure and style – this rendered Aramaic on each facing page, helping to unlock the text to readers from all backgrounds.

Find the TZM English translation on Sefaria here.

Learn more about the TZM English translation - or register your interest in buying a set - here.

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